Tuesday, June 15, 2010

L E V E L 1 0

Erwin Wurm
My research has illustrated that people respond better to objects and experiences familiar or personal to them so for the purpose of this exploration i decided to focus on RMIT city campus, building 8, level 10 as an environment. Working along side director Yianni Warnock, i aimed to create a film to capture this familiar environment in such a way that was unfamiliar to the viewer. Slight physical changes were made to the environment, mood was altered using sound and lighting and certain elements of the space not often focused on were made paramount.

all hands were taken off the clocks
life was introduced
Every machine in the machine room was threaded up with green thread

Manequin branding was made colourful using lazer cut stencils.

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  1. ha ha..."life was introduced". I'd say that was quite a major alteration don't you think? xx