Monday, April 12, 2010


1. Shadow's cast by a particular object alter and shift depending upon where the light source is - Could a garment's shadows be considered the elements surrounding the 'real' or 'final' garment? for example;
  • patterns
  • cutting
  • design process
  • merchandising
  • wearer interaction etc...?
2. Is darkness a giant shadow or simply a bi-product of light? similar to nudity - is nudity only exist as an opposing state to being clothed?
"nudity and nakedness are human constructions"
Barnard, M 2002, Fashion As Communication, Second Edition, Routledge, London.

3. Is being sufficiently clothed for a situation the same as being 'dressed' (this idea of being 'over-dressed' or 'under-dressed' for a particular time/place)
* As a result, is being naked in the shower then being appropriately 'dressed' for that situation?

4. After removing my stewed apfel bustenhalter i was left with a sticky stewed apple residue invisible to the eye but sensitive to touch which made me feel more 'dressed' than when wearing the fresh and more structurally sound bustenhalter which appeared more identifiable as a garment. This got me thinking about garment residue.
when we undress are we left with a garment 'residue' - a feeling, a memory, the markings the smell - are we 'undressed' as apposed to naked? can we ever really be 'naked' again? from the first moment we are wrapped/swaddled as a child are we then forever after simply 'undressed' or once we shower/bath do we rid our selves of all residue making us fresh and naked for the following dressing?
...... or when you're showering are you dressing your physical self in water?! artist wank!
*note to self - start saving lives...

5. Are we really only concerned with which body parts are exposed, combined with environment in feeling 'dressed' (environment being both physical and mental)?

6. is feeling comfortable the same as feeling dressed? - i wear an awful lot of uncomfortable clothing and would still consider myself dressed in them.... perhaps not appropriately dressed for some situations but dressed all the same.

7. Can you be naked but appear 'dressed'?

  • naked vs undressed
  • silhouette
  • behind the garment - pattern/cut
  • viewer perception
  • wearer perception
  • comfort
  • the language of 'dress'

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