Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This week we were asked to partner up with someone of similar size and swap clothes. Questions were raised as to whether that included; underwear, stockings and shoes and the response was "sure, if you like. But if not, why not?"
I hadn't met Jane (my partner) prior to this exercise so considering we'd never even exchanged niceties, exchanging underwear could be perceived as pushing the friendship a little... I suppose the thing with underwear is that once worn they're 'used' goods. They're a garment you can't try before you buy as they may or may not come into contact with bodily fluids. i guess the stigma surrounding the swapping of briefs could be likened to the idea of borrowing someone's used tissue. as for stockings - Jane already had to wear a leotard, i thought I'd save her the aggravation.

Clothing is a way of dressing up the body in order for it to be perceived in a particular way. it's sort of a costume or a disguise used to fool or mislead the viewer; Professional clothing worn to a job interview, outfit choices made for a date, garments that are cut to make the body appear a particular size or shape. I suppose that in wearing Jane's clothes i wasn't 'packaged' the way i would generally package myself. i don't often wear jeans as they make me appear shorter, and if i do, i wear high waisted jeans with a semi fitted top as my top half is smaller than my lower half and i find if i wear a loose fitting shirt with jeans i look broad and shapeless.

Other things which made it apparent i wasn't in my own clothing was the scent left in them wasn't my own, the fabrication (I don't often wear synthetic fabrics) and the presence of a tag, made more obvious by the fact that i was naked under the grey top. I often wear vintage or handmade clothing which doesn't have a tag or i cut the tag out.

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